May 18, 2022

Admission Experience: B.A. ll.b in Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram Centre, Kerala from 2015-2020.

This article is written by Sharukh Hussain Khan, a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram Centre, Kerala, he belongs to Uttar Pradesh.

Myself Shahrukh Hussain Khan studied integrated 5year B.A.LL.B (Hons.) Course in Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram Centre, Kerala from 2015-2020.

AMU, faculty of Law ranked 13th by NIRF in 2020.

Amu Campus.

Apart from AMU main campus, Aligarh there are 3 other campuses of Amu in Malappuram (kerala), Murshidabad (West Bengal) and kishanganj (Bihar). In Kerala and West Bengal campuses there is only three courses available i.e BALLB, MBA and B.ed. And in kishanganj campus only MBA and B.ed courses available.

Why did you decide to take admission in this university?

AMU is one of the prestigious Central universities India. I always wanted to study in Amu because of its culture and educational expertise. A lots of people have dream to take admission in Amu and  I also have the same. Another reason to take admission in AMU was it is less expensive in comparison to other Universities. Only a nominal fee of 11000 approx paid by a student for 1 academic year.

Entrence exam preparation?

I had never joined any coaching centre because I believe in myself and at that time I believe that by hardwork and self-study I will crack entrence exams. For preparation, I focused on entrence syllabus and previous 5 year entrance exam questions paper. I make a list of repeated questions and legal maxims and go through it. Earlier there was subjective portion as well along with objective questions but now the subjective portion is removed by AMU.

Entrence exam process.

Amu released entrence form in January- February and exams held between april- may. I filled the form through AMU official website. My Exam centre was in university polytechnic, Aligarh. Students may choose it’s examination centre at the time of filling the form.

Admission process.

Approximately after 50days of entrence exam the result was declared and I got chance Memo under 30 ranked. AMU declares Selected list, chance Memo list and category list of students. My counseling date was on 8th August, 2015. One the day of counseling the seats of AMU main campus was filled and only seat available for kerala and West Bengal campus. I got admission in kerala campus. I fill all the formalities and submit my documents in AMU main campus in Aligarh. And then paid  full admission amount. Students may also pay half money at the time of admission and half later before the final exams of first semester or as administration thinks fit. Then after few days of admission, I went to kerala campus for study.


The hostel charge is so less in comparison to other Universities. We only pay additional 2-3k for hostel which is included in admission fees. And mess fees is around 1500 in Aligarh main campus but in kerala campus it will around 2000, you get breakfast, lunch and dinner. In Aligarh the water and electricity id free but in kerala campus you have to pay around 500 in every after 2 months for water and electricity because the kerala campus is situated on the top of hill and campus administration have to transport water from another place  down towards hill. So for water transportation and electricity the students have to pay.

Advice to students.

If you want to join any University then go through the syllabus and previous years question papers of entrance examination of that University. Believe in yourself, focus on the goal and hard work will give you success. Don’t be stressed about anything because life gives you so many opportunities you only have to identify and grab it. Best of luck.

What is Admission Experience section of the lawmatics?

Every year lakh of students struggle to take admission in different law schools of India. Many of them don’t know about the whole admission process and environment of that law school, this create headache for them. it’s too hectic to know know-how of admission process, documentation, fee, hostel admission, process to take PGs for many of students.

Thus, the lawmatics inviting “admission experience” from law students to help to such students who are going to take admission, write your admission experience and submit it to us, you have to write answer only of 6 questions.

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