October 4, 2022

moot court competition experience: 3rd Surana & Surana UILS Environmental Law Moot 2019

This article is written by Neha, a student of 4th sem ll.b, at Department of laws, Panjab University.

  • Your name and team name, institution name, and class

My name is neha. My team members were Reetika kansal, Reetkamal kaur. I was in 3rd semester of ll.b 3 years at the time of moot competition. I was representing department of laws, Panjab University Chandigarh.

  • Organizer

The moot was organized by Surana & Surana with university institute of legal studies (UILS), Panjab University Chandigarh. This was the national level moot court competition.

  • Trial for competition at your law school

Trial was conducted for the competition at our department’s moot court hall. After finally analyzing our level, the team was decided by moot committee co-coordinator.

  • Registration fee

There was registration fee of about 5000 rupees. That was firstly borne by the team and after that was reimbursed by the department. Besides of this, all expenses of our moot memorial such as printing, Xerox and travel expenses, were reimbursed by our department.

  • Pre preparation for competition

As we came to know about this moot competition when only 3 days are pending in memorial submission but even though we managed to do. We mainly prefer Manupatra, SSC online to search cases related to the moot proposition. In the early, you can also choose Indian kanoon. Also, give importance to reference cases defined in specific case law. Library books are really useful in our moot competition. And after I have done 2 or 1 moots than I also find useful Indian law Reporter Books from the library. 

  • Competition days

The competition days were very challenging that taught us a lot for upcoming moots. As we go up in rounds, our confidence level was boosting. Even though we are fully prepared, the judges were of high qualied they filtered our knowledge excellently. We learned to allot in that competition. That moot became a life-memorable event in my life, the way, I argued before the judge that not only increase my confidence but also increase my knowledge and my willingness to participate in the upcoming moot competition.

Arrangements were very good in competition, even rounds started at right time. Food was delicious, they served us Punjabi dishes as we were in Punjab University.

  • Position you got in competition

We don’t get any position, mostly because from the starting our team is too late in the registration process and all other things. We just complete from registration to memorial submission in 3 days because trial for that competition conducted too late in our department. That was our first national moot court competition, our main aim was to get more and more experience. In which we succeeded completely.

  • Your advice to new mooters

Till I have learned from my experience, I would like to summarize my advice in just 2 or 3 points:

Firstly, at the time of advancing your arguments, you should not go in the pre-determined manner i.e. according to the moot memorial. You should argue according to the moot and level of the judges. You can prepare a short note of whole issues and then just argue this issue by your own way, don’t just read the notes or the moot memorial’s paragraph. Try to make eye-contact with jury.

Secondly, if the jury is satisfied from your some specific argument, then don’t repeat that argument again and again. And always argue according to the arguments of the opposite team. Don’t puzzle while referring case law or the compendium you prepared. Don’t try to refer all case law that you have written in your compendium.

Thirdly, don’t just argue as you are giving a speech, always give your argument slowly, so that it can leave an impression in the mind of the judge, do that they can get what you want to say, don’t make hurry as you are just completing your turn.

In the end, there are mainly two things in the moot competition. One, the way you are arguing and the other, and the way you are giving respect to the judge while arguing a controversial point. Always, argue at the best of your level, but don’t show disrespect while arguing, don’t forget to make ‘much obliged’ to the judge in between the competition.