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The Lawmatics initiative serves the basic fundamentals of Democracy by promoting legal awareness in society and contributing toward nation-building. The initiative provides a platform for Law Students to learn and utilize their knowledge in practical scenarios and help build an environment where people are more aware of the system running the democracy. Mission Statement Thelawmtics aims to provide a platform that helps the legal fraternity and law students to get together and employ their skills to bring about a change in the level of awareness in society.

Legal awareness of society can provide solutions to problems that have restrained every democratic system to provide what it has promised. Freedom, Equality, and Justice can only be served when the majority makes a virtuous judgment based on an informed analysis of the system.

A conscious society will make better decisions while electing its representatives which can improve the efficiency of the whole democratic order. Student’s Platform theLawmatics provide ample opportunity for students to learn from experiences and practical implementation of their studies. The platform provides the students a unique prospect to apply their knowledge and see the effective change they can bring the society. Students will also get a chance to work with professionals on various events and deal with real-time case scenarios by using a blend of techno-legal concepts that will give them a lifetime experience and boost their confidence as professional legal experts.

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