This article is written by Natasha Rajput, a student of ll.b at Department of Laws, Panjab university Chandigarh. She belongs to Punjab.

Rank:- I should say, firstly I got 373 then the candidates with late results submitted there results and I was admitted at regional campus Hoshiarpur with rank 505.

Why did you decide to take admission in this university/college?

Panjab University Is one of the World Wide preferred university, due to my relativity at chandigarh and with personal interests, ( I know most of the students from panjab Haryana Himachal has their personal interests to study at panjab university) city is kind familiar to me and If you have the home like institution nearby you and so with the highly reputation with the efficient and well known faculty at the department of laws, then why to go anywhere else, so that’s how I was prepared and passionate to study only at panjab university, To add on I must say I was appeared for entrance only at panjab university.

How you prepared for this entrance exam and alongside which other entrance exams you prepared?

I never preferred any coaching institute as I was also pursuing my master degree (last semester along with the entrance preparation schedule) from GNDU Amritsar in English Literature, so I self-studied with Universals Book And Current Affairs, Legal Matters (Online), preferably I would say The Universals Book some basic knowledge of law and legal matters, political matters, legal aptitude and Constitution must be read thoroughly. No Coaching is needed for law entrance you just have to give yourself a sitting habit read and learn efficiently.

Entrance exam process

website of department for filling the form,;

Registration fee of entrance exam form was Rs 2175/-

law 3 year Entrance was held on the 19th day of June 2018 and mostly June and July is the month for entrance, dates get changes by the department every year.

The problems I faced

Firstly I didn’t know about regional centres , exam was done but exam paper was unpredictable as it is always

After result when merit list was out there was a shuffling of ranks due to what I got panic and then later come to know it was due to those aspirants who submitted there graduation results lately

So finally I wasn’t under the ranks which were to be admitted at Panjab University campus then my merit number comes under the list of Panjab university swami sarvanand giri regional centre Hoshiarpur, I don’t remember the date but it was heavily raining the same day I attended my counselling by the panel of the faculty of law and related sitting there in the auditorium of regional campus, After the process of counselling I went home, then again after some days the new merit list was released with an admission notice, and the candidates mentioned therein are called to submit the first instalment as of first semester fees to confirm their seat,

PC:- you have to keep a check upon the website of the department regularly


As I was Admitted at Hoshiarpur campus, hostels get allotted to everyone there, they first say the room only gets allotted to merit holders but as we were all the merit holders within the merit list of Hoshiarpur campus, I got the hostel room there, you have to share with one or 2 girls as per the allotted room requirements.

I should mention the hostel environment and the surrounded area of the campus is very calm and peaceful there, at first if you are not used to living in outskirts places like without many sources of enjoyments, you might get bored but by the passing of the time, you get to familiar with the campus as it has its own beauty wholly surrounded by peace, calmness, and nature which I personally enjoyed there a lot.

Okay so now to the final and to conclude;

See, everyone, as I mentioned above, dream to study at Panjab University campus as it has its own Aura, so there is a choice to every step when you step into the law

  • I was also one of them who aspired to study at the main campus itself but didn’t get admitted there due to my rank, but I went to Hoshiarpur, lives there in my 1st year,
  • In 2nd year that is the third semester, You have a choice to get migrated at main campus Panjab University Chandigarh on purely and solely on merit basis which is formed by your 1st-year result,
  • I got 5th rank in my second semester with 79% result in the toppers merit list of all over Panjab university colleges due to which I got the chance to migrate at main campus Chandigarh which is what I wanted since the first day at my law school.

Procedure of migration

Department of laws release the forms every year for migration to 3rd semester (with respect to the availability of seats at the main campus) in the month of September, you have to just keep checking upon the website, fill the form and if you want to get migrated to main campus it pays you nearly 60 thousand for permanent migration on your previous result i.e first-year result.

What is Admission Experience section of the lawmatics?

Every year lakh of students struggle to take admission in different law schools of India. Many of them don’t know about the whole admission process and environment of that law school, this create headache for them. it’s too hectic to know know-how of admission process, documentation, fee, hostel admission, process to take PGs for many of students.

Thus, the lawmatics inviting “admission experience” from law students to help to such students who are going to take admission, write your admission experience and submit it to us, you have to write answer only of 6 questions.

Go through submission Rule here, also find experience questions here-

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