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“thelawmtics” blog platform is specially designed for the Student writers and other professionals who want to publish their legal articles and gain some confidence by regularly writing useful and handy write-ups.

This healthy practice of article writing will only boost your skills and knowledge of legal world and publishing your articles with us will give you a chance to make your name in the legal industry.

“tip the writer”

On the other hand writing the blogs with our platform will give you a chance to collect “tips” for your hard work. Thelawmatics have created a platform where the writers publish their articles with on board attached button which allow the readers to pay “tip” to the writer. Register as writer

This “tip” will be a token of appreciation to the hard work and effort of the writer which he has put in to produce a quality work. The “tip the writer” button was designed keeping in mind that the student writers and other professionals gets a worthy chance of getting a reward more than just a “like” on social media. (Register Now)

More than just a “like”

It will also encourage the writers to produce more factual and creative work with efficient efforts being put to the articles because the more authentic the article is the more “tip” the article may collect. Thus improving the whole system of online reading and producing good content.

The whole motive is to put the money in the hands of the writers who work hard to produce beautiful and authentic articles and those articles are sometimes very useful for the readers. This initiative will give a chance to extend a support to all the hard working writers and give then a chance to receive something better than just a “like” on social media.(Register Now)