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Student’s Collection for PM CARES Fund

It is an initiative of “thelawmatics group”

Donating Rs10/- ”

“thelawmatics” student group understand the present condition of India’s war against Corona virus (COVID-19). Many poor families are suffering due to the crises and lockdown. Its our responsibility as students to understand the situation and follow the Government instructions.

As the Numbers of Corona positive cases are going up daily, the demand of medical supplies is rising. The Government is facing real pressure to maintain the economy and fight the financial threats that are anticipated.

Every responsible person of Indian Society is helping by whatever they can do, some are following lockdown seriously, others are providing essential services, many of them are contributing to PM’s Relief Fund.

Lets Donate together.

As a Students we cannot contribute impressively in PM CARES Fund but as a collective strength of students we can add a reasonable amount to show our dedication towards the Government authorities that we care and we are standing with the Government in the fight against Corona.

The Lawmatics group has created a ‘PM CARES Fund Student Collection’ where you can donate Rs10 and the total sum will be contributed to the PM CARES Fund once the collection is completed from all the interested students.

The collection for the PM Cares Funds is complete and the all the detailed reports are posted in the Transaction report page. Click Here for the transaction Reports.

The PM Cares funds Transaction IDs and other information has been updated on the Collection Report Page. Click Here

**All the certificates and emails will be provided in this sections only to keep the process as transparent as possible.

Transparency Clauses:

We will try our best to maintain the transparency using Block-Chain approach.

1. All the amount will be collected in the lawmatics group digital collection box.

2. Everyone contributing to the funds can track down the live transaction of others.

3. There is also a chart available on this page that will show the total amount collected and hence reflect considerable transparency.

4. This approach is followed in the Blockchain technologies of crypto-currency where all people can track others transactions

5. Rs10 is collected to show the support towards the Government and also to maintain feasibility that everyone can contribute

6. Anyone having any issue can demand return of their money any time before it gets submitted in PM Cares funds. The Contact information is available at end of this page.

Following are the contributions:

Contact Information of Admin

Please send your queries on the following Emails

Email1: [email protected]

Email2: [email protected]