This article is written by Kavita, a student of ll.b 1st year at Department of Laws, Panjab University Chandigarh. She belongs to Haryana.

Rank– Firstly, I got 197 rank then some candidates submitted their late results and I got 209. I admitted Under Reserved category BC in which I got 7th rank. There are 15 seats for BC Candidates so I easily took admission in the main campus.

Why did you decide to take admission in this university/college? 

Punjab University is one of the best University in India. Before taking admission in Punjab University I was so confused among the universities which provide the law degree.  I have discussed a lot with my friends and family. With the help of one of my friends, I was able to know about education, environment, fee, etc. at Punjab University. The Department of Laws has good infrastructure and placements. The course fee is genuine. Chandigarh city is kind familiar and I felt safe for me. After knowing all about this course (LL.B) and University I finally decided to take admission in Punjab University, Chandigarh.

How you prepared for this entrance exam and alongside which other entrance exams you prepared? 

I never went to any coaching institute. As I was pursuing my master’s degree. Along with this, I chose self-study. I studied with Universal book and other online sources. I noted down Daily Current affairs and revised many times before the exam . Other then Legal aptitude, polity, English, GK I read thoroughly. I always preferred self-study. There is no need for any coaching for law entrance. You have to give your  100% and you can easily crack the entrance exam.

Entrance exam process

After the announcement of dates regarding application forms for entrance by University, you can go to the official website of University where you have to fill that form.

Website for filling online form :-  

Registration fee of entrance exam form was 2175/-

At that time the entrance exam was conducted on 22nd June. Month and dates for entrance get changes by the department every year.

Your success in the entrance exam and whole admission process after that

The result of the entrance exam has declared by Department . I got good marks. After that Department Uploaded a tentative list. Then Department Uploaded Provisional list of all candidates because some candidates submitted their results after uploading the tentative list. Then University uploaded lists of selected candidates of deferent categories separately and called them for counselling. Similarly, I also went for counselling. After few days of counselling a final list for taking admission. After that process of a filling fee was started. Finally, 5th July 2019 I have completed the whole process and I got class Roll number and  Section. The classes were started in the month of August.

The problem I faced-

Firstly, I had no problem until the final merit list was uploaded. I had to face a lot of problems when I was submitting the online fee. Payment could be made by a Credit card or NetBanking. But I had only a Debit card. So I had to go to copy café. I had to pay some extra charge because I was using the credit card of the owner of shop. At that time the payment was failed and I had to repay the fee which was very difficult for me. Some other problems also were faced at that time due to some technical issues. But finally, I had completed the whole process and got admission successfully.


I did not get the allotment of hostel. But there are many PGs and Flats nearby the University. I  had to live in PG  and Flat in Sector 15A for a few days after getting admission. Later, I had allotted the hostel but further, I did not get the room. I wish that I will get the final allotment of hostel and room this year.

Finally, I can say that everyone has a dream to study at Punjab University Campus. Luckily, I have got admission in this University.

Any advice you want to give to law aspirants who want to take admission there

Do study hard and give your 100%. Don’t take any stress regarding the entrance exam. Always keep eyes on current issues and Judgements. If you do work smartly you will definitely get admission.

What is Admission Experience section of the lawmatics?

Every year lakh of students struggle to take admission in different law schools of India. Many of them don’t know about the whole admission process and environment of that law school, this create headache for them. it’s too hectic to know know-how of admission process, documentation, fee, hostel admission, process to take PGs for many of students.

Thus, the lawmatics inviting “admission experience” from law students to help to such students who are going to take admission, write your admission experience and submit it to us, you have to write answer only of 6 questions.

Go through submission Rule here, also find experience questions here-

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