Students opinion poll for Panjab University.

In these tricky times of COVID-19 Epidemic the Panjab University is planning to organize semester exams in July. As a Student of PU are you equipped to deal with the situation. Please Vote.

The data can be utilized by all the Student leaders for proper negotiation with PU Authorities.


Under the uncertainty of ongoing COVID-19 Situation if the Panjab University conducts semester exams in July then are you prepared to attend the exams.

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TheLawmatics View:

In the time of COVID-19 epidemic we believe that there is a Significant amount of Public interest associated with this case. Many groups of community can be affected by the decision of PU Authorities. Its not only the Students who are at stake but also elder teachers who can get affected during this operation, even the working labor class will be under maximum threat.

As there is no clear statement coming from government itself, about the status of this COVID-19 epidemic, we believe that student’s opinion matters and thus this poll represents a legal evidence of student voice.

For Reference: Public Interest Litigation (PIL) require a significant public interest and not for private gain.

Before filing a PIL one has to do the complete research about the issue. When a PIL is filed concerning many people, the petitioner needs to consult all the individuals and groups which are affected.