Collection Report

Following is the Collection Report for PM Cares Funds from Students.

The collection drive for the PM Cares Fund has been completed. The final numbers can been seen as above and the final list of transactions are reported below.

Transaction Details of the Deposit made by ‘thelawmatics’ :

  • Transaction Order Number : 202004252210044558
  • Amount : INR 310.00
  • Bank Reference ID : IGAINAVEE0
  • Bank Transaction ID : 2858244014620
  • Transaction Date/ Time : 2020-04-25 13:47:29
Email Acknowledgment of Donation on PM CARES

PM CARES Receipt obtained by ‘thelawmatics group’ :

Certificate of Donation of Collected Amount

All the certificates of Contributions in the initiative have been mailed to your respective emails. Thank You for your participation and contributing towards India’s battle against Corona. Stay home stay safe.

  • In someone has not received his/her certificate of contribution please email us on [email protected].
All the students successfully contributed in the Collection Box:
All the students who have pending or cancelled status of payment :