Currently, the age of consent in India for personal laws, is eighteen years for females and twenty-one years for male. Government is also proposing to increase the age of consent for females, from 18 to 21, equal to males.

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The age of consent has been subjected to increase more than once in India. The historical development may, for convenience, be indicated in the form of a chart as follows: –

YearAge of consent under section 375, 5th clause IPCAge mentioned in the exception to section 375, IPCMinimum age of marriage under ‘Child marriage restraint act, 1929’
186010 years10 years——-
1891 (after the amendment of I.P.C.12 years12 years——–
1925 (after the amendment of I.P.C.)14 years13 years———
1929 (after the passing of the Child Marriage Act)14 years13 years14 years
1940 (after the amendment of the Penal Code and the Child Marriage Act)16 years15 years15 years
197816 years15 years18 years
At current18 years15 years18 female, 21 male