It is a proven fact that drawing broadens our imagination, especially when we draw something without any picture or visual of that. But when you have many thoughts in your mind and you don’t have time to write it or you don’t know the format to write it and sometimes, these thoughts are just in one para or in one line, then how can you express it to the world? Obviously, you won’t write full article just to explain your thought or idea.

But if you know drawing and you can draw caricatures and cartoons, then your problem is solved, you just draw your imagination on the page and show it to the world. Now, a valid question may arise, why should you make caricatures? Find your answer in below-mentioned points-

  1. As we said above, it is best tool to express your thoughts without writing long paragraph.
  2. When people see your caricatures and thoughts behind it, it will surely give them idea about your knowledge and observations.
  3. Generally, people use their drawing skill just to draw in leisure time but you can use your drawing skill in a best way by making caricatures, it will also give your name and your work will be to the world at large scale.
  4. Caricaturing does not require just drawing skill, it also requires your knowledge about that subject which you are drawing, so your drawing and your knowledge can give you job in magazine and newspapers and in other filed which need caricaturist, as this, your drawing hobby can give your dream job and while measuring about the popularity of caricaturist, you should not forget the name of “R. K. Lakshman”.


There are no boundations of any profession, age, class. Anyone can submit her/his caricature.

But Please remember, your cartoon should be on legal theme.


  1. If you know to draw digital cartoon, it will be great but if you don’t know, then also, you can submit your caricature in following ways-
  2. Draw your caricature at clean drawing page,
  3. It can be colored or of pencil shade,
  4. Sign it with your name,
  5. Capture the photo and send it to us in photo format (don’t send in pdf or other files)
  6. There are many apps at play store which can convert your drawing in digital drawing or may enhance its quality, you can use that. (only if you want)
  7. And send it to us at- [email protected]
  • Your caricature should be only on legal theme and this theme can be as follows-
  • Any current legal news,
  • Any famous legal incident which happened in past but law students also read it in present time.
  • Legal theory which you read in your syllabus,
  • Any other legal theme or topic which you think appropriate.
  • If you have any doubt regarding legal theme and you want to draw on any particular theme, you can ask us.

For any query, you can contact us at our above-mentioned email or our WhatsApp number- 7982630123.

  • Please note that your caricatures should not be offensive to any religion, political party, gender, profession, community, state or people.
  • If you submit your cartoon to us and your submission approves then it will be published at our website, social media and due credit will be given to you.
  • You can also submit your cartoon at daily, weekly, monthly basis. There is no barrier on submission. We will always love to consider your submission.
  • While submitting your caricatures, you should also write caption at least of 4 lines related to your submission.
  • In your email, please also write your name, and 2 lines bio. And if you want you can also submit your photo. Please also mention your social media username if you are on LinkedIn or Instagram. We would love to mention your name there with your submission.


  1. You have google.
  2. But, to get the idea about submission at the lawmatics, we also have some references, click here.