Books Recommended for Law Students

When students take admission to a law school, the first question which they face is a good book to understand the law and to do well in the exam. Also when law students enter the new semester, the First question or most important question which they think to ask is, what is a good book for this subject?

The Lawmatics understood this problem and came with a list of book suggestions to every subject which BCI instructed to teach in law schools.

LLB Semester -1

Jurisprudence – I

Dr. N.V. Paranjape, Studies in Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Central Law Agency, Allahabad, 7th Edn., 2013

B.N. Mani Tripathi, Jurisprudence (The Legal Theory), Allahabad Law Agency, Allahabad, 18thEdn., 2012

Constitutional Law – I

Narender Kumar : Constitutional Law of India,Allahabad Law Agency, 2017

Shukla, V.N.: The Constitution of India- 11th Edition, Eastern Book Company, 2017.

Jain, M.P. : Indian Constitutional Law- 5th Edition, Wadhwa

J.N.Pandey: Constitutional law, Latest Edition

Law of Contract

Bangia, R.K.: Indian Contract Act- 13th Edition Allahabad Law Agency, 2008 

Singh, Avtar: Contract and Specific Relief- Twelfth Edition, 2017, Eastern Book Company, Lucknow.

Family Law – I

Dr. B.K Sharma, Hindu Law, Central law Publication, (4thEdn. 2014), (19th Edn. 2006)

Paras Diwan, Law of Marriage and Divorce (5th Edn. 2008) 

Law of Torts and Consumer Protection Act

Avtar Singh, Law of Consumer Protection: Principles and Practice.

R.K. Bangia : Law of Torts including Consumer Protection Laws