The ‘Law of Muslim Inheritance’ is complicated topic. The complexity naturally arises because equitable shares are allotted to heirs in Islam and every possible situation was thought. Therefore, there are rare situations when no heirs do not come for shares and property goes to escheat.

Therefore, Prophet said, “learn the laws of inheritance and teach them to the people for they are one-half of useful knowledge.”

Here, we uploaded some hand written notes which can help to understand the calculation regarding inheritance for lawyers to their cases and for students to their exam.

But, while referring these notes, please keep in mind that,

  • Islamic law of inheritance is the combination of two topics- Rules of Inheritance and Calculation of Inheritance.
  • These are just some summary notes on rules of inheritance and calculation of it, So, it is advised to keep book near you while reading notes;
  • Notes help to understand calculation but summarize rules of inheritance, therefore, to read rule of inheritance thoroughly, you can refer the book ‘Mohammaden law by Aqil Ahmad’.
  • However, these notes are quite enough to understand calculation but if you still want to read calculation after going through the notes then the book of ‘Paras Diwan on Muslim law’ is advised to you.
  • Thus, to understand Rule of inheritance, read ‘Aqil Ahmad’ and to understand calculation, read ‘Paras Diwan’.