This article is written by Aarti Guatam. She is a law student of Panjab University Regional Center, Ludhiana.

Here is the way, how can you file an application in consumer court.

Online system

The government runs a portal called the Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Centre ( to file a complaint against the company. It helping consumers to get a quick solution of their complaints and helping to approach the consumer court.

Registration and submission of complaint- To lodge a complaint, the consumer had to first register on the site with required details like name, email etc. A complaint can be filed against any registered brand or service provider. And online complaint system has a dropdown menu of sectors, segments and brands, which includes all brands registered with department of consumer affair.

Process and status-supporting documents including the details of any people involved can be attached to the online complaint. Once submitted, complaints are assigned an electronically generated number and this can be used to track the status of complaint until it is resolved.

Offline system

There is time limit to file the compliant to the consumer forum i.e. it must be filled within two years of the cause of action and if there is any reasonable reason for delay you can request the consumer forum to condone the delay.

  1.  A notice to be sent by the aggrieved party to service provider who provides goods and services. The notice is also an attempt to settle the complaint without approaching the Forum i.e. if they are willing to offer compensation or any other remedy.
  2. If the service provider is not willing to offer compensation or any other remedy, the next step to file a formal complaint under Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Best part is, you can appear the consumer forums in person and don’t need any lawyer to represent your case. Following details must be specified in the complaint – name, description and address of complainants and opposite party or parties, cause of action, approximate date, time, venue and other required details.
  3. Copy of material evidence and relevant documents that support your case including a copy of the bill, receipt of delivery, packaging product, and a record of online booking of goods bought. Warranty/guarantee certificates. A copy of written complaint and notice sent to the manufacturer/seller.
  4. Choose an appropriate forum for filing the complaint in accordance with the pecuniary jurisdiction which is estimated in reference to the total value of goods and services.
  5. A prescribed fee is required to be paid along with complaint filed depending on the forum. The court fee depends upon the value of goods bought and the amount of compensation sought.
  6. The person who wants to file the case in the consumer court.

Watch here the process to file an application at consumer court in Hindi.