I. Aim/Objectives of the Scheme 

Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) formulates and implements Foreign Trade Policy (FTP).These functions entail close interaction with the related arms of the Government,  economists, trade bodies, exporters as well as keep track of the changing scenario in  International Trade. 

The need for an Internship Programme for the DGFT has been felt for quite some time. The Internship Programme will ensure the interaction of the officers of the Directorate with the young scholars and Researchers with brilliant academic background from reputed academic institutions pursuing Studies/Research in Economics / Law / Finance / Management. While refreshing ideas from the field of academics will enable the Directorate to critically analyze its activity and take corrective steps in an objective impartial manner, it will also simultaneously provide an excellent opportunity to the brilliant interns to familiarize themselves with the overall process of formulation of foreign trade policy of the Government at the macro level and its implementation by DGFT at the micro-level. 

DGFT would assign such interns for specific areas of work. The particular fields could be analysis of international trade and market conditions across major markets, simplification of rules & procedures of DGFT, redrafting or paraphrasing the existing Policy. Policy Reforms at  macro level, review of various schemes of DGFT, review of existing notifications, e governance within DGFT, reduction of transaction costs, formulation of new schemes etc. 

II. Eligibility 

Candidates with excellent academic records and possessing graduation degree in Public  Policy/Economics/Finance/Management/Law (with at least 60% marks) from National Schools  of Law/Central Universities/AICTE recognized Financial/Economics Institutions/Recognized  National Management Institute/Foreign Universities or other Institutions of excellence can  apply for internship. Candidates either pursuing or having Post Graduation in  Economics/Finance/ Management/Law will be preferred. The scheme is open to only Indian  nationals residing in India or pursuing their studies abroad. Interns are required to furnish to  this Directorate a declaration of Secrecy before the commencement of the internship. 

III. Duration: The duration of the internship will be for maximum period of 2months for Summer Internship Programme (June-July). 

IV. Declaration of secrecy: Interns are required to furnish to this Directorate a declaration of secrecy before the commencement of the internship. 

V. Logistics support: Necessary logistics support will be provided to the intern taking into  account the functional requirements. 

VI. Submission of report: The interns will be required to present a report / paper at the end of their internship to the Head of Division.

VII. Certificate of Internship: Certificates will be issued to the interns on satisfactory completion  of their internships and on submission of their Report / Paper and its evaluation by the Head  of the concerned Division. 

VIII. Mode of Application: Interested candidates can send their applications through online mode  only. The candidate will be required to produce a permission letter from their Supervisor /  Head of Department, in case he/she is interested to join internship during his/her course work. Interested students will send their application from 1st April 2021 to 18th April 2021.  Applications receive before & after the specified timeline will not be entertained. 

IX. Selection Procedure: All the applications will be scrutinized by a Selection Committee and the actual offer will be sent to the selected candidates on email only, subject to the  availability of slot, consent of the concerned Division and approval of the competent  Authority. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final and binding and no queries  shall be entertained after the completion of the selection process. 

X. Termination: The DGFT can instruct the intern to terminate the programme at any time, as DGFT deems fit, and without showing any reason. DGFT’s decision shall be final in this regard. Intern can choose to leave the programme, if she / he so desires, giving prior notice  of one month to DGFT. 

XI. Location: DGFT headquarters at New Delhi. The interns will be attached to the heads of each  Division and will be reporting to them directly. 

XII. Remuneration: Interns will be paid a consolidated token remuneration of Rs.10, 000 per  month. Apart from this, there will be no other remuneration or payment. It is clarified that  this is not salary. The interns are not employees of DGFT and there will be no assurance of  any future employment with DGFT. 


Official Website:

To get more information about the department, click here, https://www.dgft.gov.in/CP/

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