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In pursuance of its advocacy mandate under Section 49 of the Competition Act-2002 (Act), Competition Commission of India (CCI) undertakes various focussed outreach and training programmes with its wide spectrum of stakeholders wherein students of Economics, Law, Management, and Finance etc. constitute a very significant part. Internship programme of CCI aims to equip students with practical working of competition law. As CCI has a very important role to play in economy being market regulator, students need to understand nuances and nitty-gritty of Competition Law for their future roles in various capacities. The internship programme of CCI attracts talents from best of Indian educational institutions located across the country . The Guidelines containing eligibility criteria, educational qualifications, honorarium, scope, format of application and other modalities for pursuing internship training are available at the link provided below.


  • To familiarize interested and willing students of Economics, Law, Management and Finance with the provisions of Competition Act and its applications.
  • It is neither a job nor assurance for a job in the Competition Commission of India

Eligibility Criteria

(i) Applicable to Indian Nationals only.
(ii) Internship is open to students from recognized Institutions
and Universities with exposure to Competition Law.
(iii) Students with a placement in hand are not eligible

Educational Qualifications

Students pursuing following courses can apply,
(i) Economics and Management :
 MA / MSc. (Economics)
 Fourth and final year students of 5 year integrated degree
Programme in Economics
(ii) Law:
 Second and third year of the Bachelors degree in Law (3
year course after graduation) or
 Fourth and final year of the five year integrated course in
Law and students who have taken 3rd year exam and are
entering the 4th year.
(iii) Regulatory Governance:
 MA / MSc. (Regulatory Governance)
(iv) Professional Courses:
 Students of final group of Chartered Accountancy or Cost
Accountancy or Company Secretary

Scheme of Internship

  1. Internship is normally for a period of one month, commencing on the 1st working day of the month. However, applicant desirous of pursuing internship for 2-3 calendar months can also apply with due recommendation of respective University/ College/Institution for the period applied for.
  2. There will be a short induction programme on provisions of Competition Act, 2002 on the 1st day of Internship.
  3. Selected interns will be deputed to various divisions of the Commission in different batches where work will be allocated to them under the guidance/ supervision of officer(s) assigned to them by the Divisional Head(s). At the end of internship each intern shall make a presentation on the work done by her/him during the period of internship failing which no certificate and stipend will be released. Interns are expected to maintain discipline, punctuality and integrity, noncompliance whereof shall result in termination of internship.
  4. Each month there will be upto 15 interns. However, it may be relaxed for a particular month where more applicants with good research topics on Competition Law are available.
  5. Internship is a fulltime programme and hence interns are required to observe working hours of the Commission. Any absence during working hours may result in extension of the period of internship without any honorarium. The internship may be discontinued any time without payment of any honorarium if the performance of the intern is not found satisfactory or the intern is absent without authorization of the guide.
  6. Certificates will be issued to the interns on successful completion of their internship.


An amount of Rs.15,000/- per month will be given as
honorarium during the internship.

How to Apply

(i) Interested students may apply in the prescribed format given in Annexure. Application in any other format will not be entertained.
(ii) Application must contain recommendation of competent authority from the academic institution, where the candidate is pursuing her / his studies. Applications received without recommendations will not be
(iii) Applicants are required to submit a ‘Statement of Purpose’ in about 200 words broadly covering a brief introduction of the topic and objectives of the study
(iv) Application should reach by 1st of preceding month to the month for which application is intended to be made e.g. for Dec, 2016 application should reach by 1st Nov, 2016.
(v) Applications in the prescribed format complete in all respects may be sent by post to reach-

The Secretary, Competition Commission of India, Competition Commission of India, 10th Floor, Office Block, Tower.1,
Ring Road (Opposite AIIMS) Kidwai Nagar (East), New

Applications can also be emailed at [email protected]
(vi) Envelope carrying applications should be superscribed “Application for Internship for Month/Year”

Other Modalities

(i) Interns will be provided with minimum logistic support i.e., office space with intercom and computer facilities.
(ii) Interns will work in the premises of the Commission and may utilize its library.
(iii) The competent authority or nominee of the institution or referee recommending the candidature for internship, is expected to be available for interactions with the Commission, if need be.
(iv) Interns are required to give an undertaking prior to joining
the internship programme that:
(1) “She / He does not possess a placement for
job/employment” and
(2) “She / He shall strictly maintain full confidentiality
and secrecy of any information/matter relating to
Competition Commission of India.”
(v) The outcome of the study during internship will remain as intellectual property of the Commission and interns cannot use it without prior approval of the Commission.
(vi) Above requirements for internship can be relaxed by the Chairperson, Competition Commission of India.

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