As the farmer’s protest continues on the Delhi Borders, series of petitions have been filed in the Supreme court of India.

The Supreme court, while hearing these petitions, has commented on the matter and directed the Government to take any action until Court takes any final decision.

Following are the comments passed during the hearing.

Protests cannot be just for protest, but to articulate point of view

Senior Advocate Harish Salve

We make it clear that we recognise the fundamental right to protest against a law. There is no question of balancing or curtailing it. But it should not damage anyone’s life or property

Chief Justice SA Bobde.

The matter must be handed over to a committee, which should have independent members with knowledge of agriculture and hear both sides and give report on what is to be done” Meanwhile the, protests can continue without violence and the police will not do anything (to stop the protests)

Supreme Court

Protest’s purpose must be fulfilled by non-violent means. Protests must be about issues. Aggrieved parties must be allowed to articulate and the party that caused the problem must be allowed to answer 

Chief Justice SA Bobde.

We are on the ongoing protests and fundamental rights of citizens to move free… the validity of laws will have to wait

Chief Justice SA Bobde.

We are with the plight of farmers and sympathetic to their cause. But you have to alter the way it is going. You have to convince and bring out the solution, We are saying it to you. You have a right to protest. We are not going to interfere. You carry on protests. Your protest has a purpose, and that must be fulfilled by talking to someone. You simply cannot sit on protest for years

Supreme Court

Supreme Court has a view that the matter has to be transferred to a vacation bench committee which should have independent members having knowledge in the field of Agricultrue.

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