This series presents the complete facts of Gandhi’s murder case. We referred the book ‘The murder of Mahatma’ which was written by ‘G.D.Khosla’ who was one of the judges who heard the appeal of Nathuram Godse & others and gave his most historic verdict in the case of assassination

About G.D.Khosla

G.D. KHOSLA Gopal Das Khosla was born at Lahore on December 15, 1901 and the first few years of his life were spent in various towns of punjab where his father a member of the Civil Service, was posted from time to time. He was educated at St. George’s College, Mussorie, and Emenuel College, Cambridge, where he took the B.A. (Hons.) degree in Mathematics in 1923.

In 1925, he became a Civil Servant. As Magistrate, and later Session judge, he saw a great deal of urban and rural Punjab, and had ample occasion to study the Punjabi, way of life in its different aspects. He was a judge of the Punjab High Court. He took an active interest in Music, dramatics and culture of Northern India, and was anxious to promote tourism, especially in the mountainous regions of India. From his childhood, Khosla has been interested in the world of letters.

The study of Urdu and Persian in his school days gave him a taste for languages, and while in Europe he learnt to read and speak French. He was a regular radio broadcaster and had given more than 200 talks at home and abroad.

His major literary works are Stern Reckoning, our Judicial System, Himalayan Circuit, and The Price of wife.

Articles in the Series

Gandhi Murder Case-1: who were the accused and why they conspired to kill Gandhi?

Gandhi Murder Case-2: When accused planned their first attempt to kill Gandhi on 20th January

Gandhi Murder Case- 3: The day of 20th January When accused first tried to assassinate Gandhi

Gandhi Murder case-4: When Godse told one of the accused Bagde how he is going to murder Gandhi

Gandhi Murder case-5: When Godse and Aapte arrived Delhi to kill Gandhi

Gandhi Murder Case-6: When trial was held at Red Fort

Gandhi Murder Case-7: What was Accused Admitted in the Trial

Gandhi Murder Case-8: When Peterhoff Shimla became venue for Gandhi Murder Case

Gandhi Murder Case-9: A Vivid Depiction of the Courtroom at Peterhoff Shimla

Gandhi Murder Case-10: Was there any problem between the judges?

Gandhi Murder Case-11: Decision of the Court and the day of Godse’s Hanging