After adopting the Constitution of India, Indian Parliament further enacted some other acts to regulate certain types of services in India. One of the act was, ‘High Court Judges (Salaries and Conditions of Service) Act, 1954’ which was enacted to regulate salaries and certain conditions of service of the High Court Judges.

1.      SALARY

Salaries of the Judge

After the amendment of 2009, the salary of the chief Justice of High Court is decided Ninety thousand rupees per month.

And the salary for High Court Judges is determined eighty thousand per month.[1]

Provident Fund

As per the act, every judge shall be entitled to subscribe General Provident Fund (Central Service).

And, a Judge who has held any other pensionable civil post under the Union or a State shall continue to subscribe to the Provident Fund to which he was subscribing before his appointment as a Judge:[2]

Travelling allowances to a Judge.

Every judge is entitled to receive such reasonable allowances to reimburse him for expenses incurred in travelling on duty within the territory of India and shall be afforded reasonable facilities in connection with travelling. [3]

Facility of rent-free houses

Every Judge shall be entitled without payment of rent to the use of an official residence. And Where a Judge does not avail himself of the use of an official residence, he may be paid every month an allowance equivalent to an amount to thirty per cent. of the salary.[4]

Conveyance facilities.

Every Judge shall be entitled to a staff car and two hundred litres of fuel every month or the actual consumption of fuel per month, whichever is less.[5]

Sumptuary allowance[6].

The Chief Justice shall be entitled to sumptuary allowances of fifteen thousand per month and each high Court judge twelve thousand rupees per month.[7]

Exemption from income-tax

The value of rent-free official residence or the value of the conveyance facilities, the sumptuary allowance, the value of leave travel concession, are exempted under Income tax.

Medical facilities for retired Judges

Every retired Judge is entitled for himself and his family, to the same facilities as respects medical treatment and on the same conditions as a retired officer of the Central Civil Services, Class I, and his family, are entitled.


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