Two fathers and two sons. A father can break every principle, moral, any vow of friendship and even become a delivery boy from judge just to save his boy. Another father can fire up whole city to take revenge for his boy’s death. What may happen if they meet to save their boys from one another?

When we read criminal law in law school as law students, this learning works to us in two ways. First, people learn the criminal law and second, they may also learn to commit clean crime, bury evidence, to save the criminals from the paws of law.

And if second one is done by a judge of criminal court, you may easily guess how perfectly he will do that?

Here, I am talking about US web series ‘YOUR HONOR’. This series is the remake of Israelian web series “kvodo”. I couldn’t watch the original web series, ‘kvodo’ due to non-availability of English sub titles to that series, so, I will review US version ‘Your honor’ without comparison to its original series.

In ‘new orleans’, there are two persons, one is judge who has respect for his justice and imparliatiy, other is a mafia who owns hotels and restaurants and is known as a powerful person of the city. Both have sons. One day, at the anniversary day of his mother, judge’s son goes to cemetery in car. Judge’s son has asthma so he need inhaler to maintain his breath. At cemetery, some other boys mess with him so he run in his car horribly. Due to run and fast driving, he tries to find inhaler in his car while driving. But, in searching for this inhaler in his car, his eyes go down and a boy who was coming on his motorcycle collude with his car.

Judge’s son sees this accident, he tries to call 911, but couldn’t speak due to shortage of his breath. When he couldn’t do anything, he run from there in his car. Coming at home, he tells about this incident to his father (judge), judge decide to go to police and lawyered up but when he sees that the deceased is the son of the most powerful criminal of the city. He ended up his decision, come to home and plans to save his son.

If we talk about the suspense level of this series, I must say that It is very high. As a watching convention, I read the reviews of this series before watching it. Review was not too good and I think it was due to the comparison of it to its original version. But I also must say that every person has different taste of everything including cinema. Maybe, some persons do not like it but I enjoyed this series.

The theme of this series may be crime and clash of two opposite nature persons. But there was also the input of black & white problem in the whole series. This showed us how white people can end the life of the whole family but nothing too much happen. We see this black & white thing from the beginning. The drugs problem in blacks, street gangs who are mostly black (as shown in the series), prisons have mostly black criminals. A poor black who is a member of a gang hired up to hide the crime of an elite white. However, that black doesn’t know anything about the crime, but he ended up very brutally.

You can’t assume that what is coming in this series. Things can change with surprise, because the ultimate aim was to save the child of judge. Series tries to portrays the villain as harsh criminal but sometimes we also feel sorry for the villain, the dialogues, the expression, and most importantly the face expression prevent us to hate him. There is one dialogue of him, when he says to judge- “you have son, you have mother in law, you have girlfriend.” This dialogue shows his trauma which he is facing due to his two sons, one is died and other is on trial.

But, there are also some defects in the series, sometimes it becomes unbearable to us and the cat and mouse scenes and long but slow scenes force us to skip the video, poor writing of dialogue also increase boredom. But despite of it, I loved this series and suggest it for the persons from legal field.

There are three series with the same story and same name in the world. First one was “kvodo”, which was an Israelian series. Second one was this series of US. And third one is a Bollywood series “your honor”, which is official remake of ‘kvodo’.

There is also a Korean series with the same name ‘your honor (dear judge)’ but that has different story line.

As I already mentioned that this series can be good if you want to watch something about suspense and criminal justice. this series does not have only one story, it has many sub-plots which creates thrill and suspense and are sometimes breath-taking.

This article is written by Arshi hayat Gnagohi. She is a lawyer, blogger at ababeelfolks and writes on laws, culture, books, cinema, food and literature.