When students take admission in a law school, the first question which they face, is the suggestions of a good book, to understand the law and to do well in the exam. Also when law students enter into the new semester, the most important question which they think to ask is, which are good book for their subjects?

The Lawmatics understood this problem and came with a list of book suggestions of every subject that BCI instructed to teach in law schools.

[**Note: We are looking all the online libraries for finding the pdf of required books, we will update links of all the books soon]

Administrative Law Paper   I.P.Messy: Administrative Law, Eastern Book Company, 7th Edition, Eastern Book Company, (2008).

M.P. Jain: Administrative Law, 6th Edition, Wadhwa, (2007).
Alternate Dispute Resolution PaperAvatar Singh: Law of Arbitration and Conciliation

Benny Paul: Simplified Approach to Alternate Disputes Resolution N.V. Paranjape: law relating to arbitration & conciliation in India  
Business LawAvatar Singh: Principles of Mercantile Law (Eastern Book Company)

Principles of Mercantile Law: R. K. Bangia (Allahabad Law Agency)
Civil Procedure CodeC.K. Takwani: Civil Procedure Code

MP Jain: The Code of Civil procedure
Company LawCompany Law, N.V. Paranjape, Central Law Agency, Allahabad, 2006

Indian Company Law, Avtar Singh, Eastern Book Company, Lucknow, 2009
Constitutional LawJain, M.P. : Indian Constitutional Law- 5th Edition, Wadhwa, 2015

Narender Kumar : Constitutional Law of India- 7th Edition, Allahabad Law Agency, 2017

Shukla, V.N.: The Constitution of India- 11th Edition, Eastern Book Company, 2017.

J.N.Pandey: Constitutional law
Criminal Procedure CodeBenny Paul – Simplified Approach to Criminal Procedure Code

Rattan Lal & Dhiraj Lal: Criminal Procedure Code

A.k. jain: Criminal II
Criminology, Penology and Victimology PaperN.V.Pranjape: Criminology, Penology and Victimology

Deepa Singh: Criminology, Penology & Victimology
Drafting, Pleading and ConveyancingNeetu Gupta Basic Fundamentals of Legal Pleadings, Drafting & Conveyancing: A Complete Handbook, 1st Edition 2018-19.
Environmental and Wild Life Protection LawsP.S.Jaswal & Nishtha Jaswal : Environmental Law
Family Law (Muslim law and Hindu law)Dr. B.K Sharma, Hindu Law, Central law Publication, (4thEdn. 2014), (19th Edn. 2006)

ParasDiwan, Law of Marriage and Divorce (5th Edn. 2008) 

Professor Kusum, Family Law Lectures- Family Law-I, Lexis Nexis Publications, (3rdEdn.2011)
Information Technology Act & RTI ActJyoti rattan: Bharat’s Right to Information Act, 2005
Intellectual Property LawsMeenu Paul: Intellectual Property Laws

P. Narayanan: Intellectual Property Law Paperback – 1 January 2017
International Organisations, Human Rights and Humanitarian LawS.K. Kapoor: International Law, 16th Edition, Central Law Agency, 2007.

S.K. Verma: Public International Law.

H.O. Aggarwal: International Law, 16th Edition, Central Law Publisher, (2007).
Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of LegislationMathur D.N. – Interpretation of Statutes, 5th edition 2015 4.

Justice G.P. Singh – Interpretation of Statutes, 12th edition 2009.

Bhatacharya T Interpretation of Statutes, 10th edition, 2017
JurisprudenceB.N. Mani Tripathi, Jurisprudence (The Legal Theory), Allahabad Law Agency, Allahabad, 18thEdn., 2012

Dr. N.V. Paranjape, Studies in Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Central Law Agency, Allahabad, 7th Edn., 2013
Labour LawMeenu Paul: Labour and Industrial Laws

S.N. Mishra: Labour and Industrial laws
Land Laws PunjabP.S. Khurana: A treatise on lands laws in punjab & haryana
Law of ContractBangia, R.K.: Indian Contract Act- 13th Edition Allahabad Law Agency, 2008 

Bangia, R.K.: Specific Relief Act- 3rd Edition (Reprint), 2006

Singh, Avtar: Contract and Specific Relief- Twelfth Edition, 2017, Eastern Book Company, Lucknow.
Law of CrimesRSA Pillai Criminal Law 13th Edition Lexis Nexis Textbook on Indian Penal Code;

K D Gaur; 6th Edition; Universal Law Publishing. Indian Penal Code;

Prof. S.N. Misra, 12th Edition, Central Law Publications.
Law of EvidenceDr. Ashok K. Jain: Law of Evidence 

Avtar Singh: Principles of the Law of Evidence (2008) Central Law Agency, New Delhi
Law of Taxation PaperKailash Rai: Taxation Laws, 9th Edition, Allahabad Law Agency, 2007 

Taxman books
Law of Torts and Consumer Protection ActAvtar Singh, Law of Consumer Protection: Principles and Practice, Eastern Book Company, Edn. 2015.
R.K. Bangia : Law of Torts including Consumer Protection Laws, Allahabad Law Agency, reprint 2015
Laws Relating to Registration, Limitation and TrustBenny Paul, Indian Limitation Act 1963

Aqil Ahmd, Equity, Trust, Mortgage & Specific Relief

Sirohi J P S:  Indian Registration Act 
Private International LawParas Diwan: Private International Law (1998)

Benny Paul – Text Book on Private International Law (2019)
Professional Ethics & Professional AccountabilityNeetu Gupta

N.V. Pranjape
Property LawThe Transfer of Property Act, 1882, Prof. G. P. Tripathi, Central Law Publications, 2005

The Transfer of Property Act, Dr. S. N. Shukla, Allahabad Law Agency, 2008
Public International LawH.O. Agarwal, International Law and Human Rights, 2013, 14th ed., Central Law Publications, Allahabad.

S.K. Kapoor, Public International Law, 2011, 18th ed., Central Law Agencies, Allahabad.
Service LawNarinder Kumar: Law relating to Government Services and Management of Discipline Proceedings.

Babita Devi, Service laws in India

This list is prepared on the basis of students’ choice for books in the semester and teachers’ recommendations for those books.

If you think any particular book’s name should be added to any subject, please write in the comment box and also give your review on the books.

How to choose best among best?

We provided a maximum of 4 books name for a subject but if you still aren’t able to decide which book you should read then do one thing,

Take an overview of available suggested books and then decide, but if you still struggling to find a good book, then we suggest you to read the first lesson of the books or any lesson which your teacher taught you recently, and try to find which book explaining the law to you in a very good way.

sometimes, students face the problem when there is no book that has sufficient materials for the semester exam then you should read that subject with two books.

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Hope this will help you, all the best for your study.

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