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you can follow these ways to exercise The Right To Information Under RTI, 2005

RTI act is applicable only on Indian citizens.

There are two ways to file RTI-

Offline mode and Online mode.

Table of Contents


  • Identify the dept. or ministry in which inquiry need to be made.
  • Get the name of the Public Information Commissioner of the dept. on whose name the inquiry need to be made.
  • Prepare the RTI application.
  • Application need to be simple, and short.
  • It may be in any language- English, Hindi, or any local language.
  • In the Application you need to satisfy that you are filing the RTI under RTI, 2005.
  • Pay the RTI fee Rs.10, payment can be made either through Indian postal order or Court fee stamp. (Certain states have the option to pay it with DEMAND DRAFT)
  • For accurately getting the info. You need to give your personal info like E-mail/Address/ phone number etc. So that the info reaches speedily and to the correct person.
  • Deliver the RTI either through speed post or by personally handing it over to the PIO.
    For better working try to get the photocopy of the RTI so that you can get the received stamp on it to track on which date you filed the RTI.
    In this way, you get the information either by Speed post or though letter within 30 days of the filing.


  • Go to the site
  • Then sign up giving the required information like username/password/Name/E-mail/gender/address etc.
  • After that you get the verification link on your mail id. After confirming your log in Id is created.
  • Click on Submit Request.
  • Write your application with max. 3000 words. (If it is lengthy then attach any doc. File up to 1mb)
  • After clicking the submitting option pay the fee online.

Watch here in Hindi How To File RTI application.


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