Aims and objectives

The Union Cabinet approved the National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)Policy on 12th May, 2016 that lays the future roadmap for IPRs in India. The Policy recognizes the abundance of creative and innovative energies that flow in India, and the need to tap into and channelize these energies towards a better and brighter future for all.
This internship program aims to work towards the fulfilment of the following objectives of the National IPR Policy 2016:
 Objective 1
IPR Awareness: Outreach and Promotion – To create public awareness
about the economic, social and cultural benefits of IPRs among all
sections of society.
Objective 2
Generation of IPRs – To stimulate the generation of IPRs
Objective 7
Human Capital Development – To strengthen and expand human
resources, institutions and capacities for teaching, training, research and
skill building in IPRs

Eligibility for the program

A. The applicant should:
(a) be a citizen of India; and
(b) is pursuing or has completed:
i. post-graduation / doctoral studies in science, or
ii. graduation / post-graduation / doctoral studies in engineering
or technology
iii. graduation / post-graduation / doctoral studies in law,
from any University established under law for the time being in force
in the territory of India.
B. In case of candidates pursuing graduation / post-graduation / doctoral
studies, internship should be a requirement specified under their course
C. The graduation / post-graduation / doctoral studies shall be from a
government recognized institute.
D. The application for internship shall be accompanied by a
recommendation from the Head of Institution.

No of Interns:

Number of interns to be taken every year by the office of CGPDTM
will be decided by the office every year depending upon the requirement, infrastructure and other facilities of the office.


The duration of internship shall be as per the requirement of the course
Internship Program at the Indian Patent Office Page 2

Place of internship

Place of internship can be at the IP Office Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai
and RGNIIPM, Nagpur.


No honorarium of any sort shall be paid to the intern.

Application procedure

Applicants are requested to submit their CV and a cover letter containing a brief synopsis of the proposed topic of study during the internship to [email protected]. Internships shall be filled by way of a selection process as adopted by office of CGPDTM. Selected interns will have to provide a certified copy of their certificates. Interns shall not be treated as staff members.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights relating to any protectable subject matter created by the intern under the course of internship shall belong to Office of CGPDTM. However due acknowledgement will be given to the interns in the certificate.


A leave of three days per month, excluding medical leave, will be provided to the intern.

Outcome of the internship

Interns will be given assignment on the emerging issues in patents and will be required to submit a research paper at the end of the internship program.


Upon successful completion of internship, a certificate shall be issued by the Head of Office where the intern has interned.

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