The word plaintiff comes from the Anglo- French word “pleintif” which means complaining.
After the 15 th century its spelling turned into “plaintiff” but before that word “plentive” was used
by people in the legal field.
Plaintiff is the person who files a lawsuit for seeking legal remedy but only in the civil matters.
The term plaintiff is used in most of the English-speaking jurisdictions, except England, wales
and Scotland. In England and wales since 1999 the plaintiff known as “Claimant” and In
Scotland he known as “Pursuer”.
The party against whom the lawsuit has been filed by the plaintiff is known as the “Defendant”.
Mostly, the case names are given by the name of the plaintiff.
E.g. if the XYZ is a person for the purpose of seeking legal remedy filed a lawsuit against the
person name ABC in civil court.
so the case name will be XYZ vs. ABC.As here is the XYZ is plaintiff and ABC is the