Writing the first article is always stressful. firstly you have to choose a good topic and then to research on it and write it without copy-pasting in your language. after so many trial and errors and changes finally you complete your article. but what happens if you send it to any website or journal to publish your article and they send it back to you mentioning that your article is not eligible to be published, at this time, disappointment level goes to the highest level.
Now don’t worry, the lawmatics will help you in publishing your first article.

For that please take a note of below procedure-

Step 1– write an article on any legal topic and send it to us at our email id [email protected]

Step 2– our editorial team will review your article, if your article will have too many errors we will send back to you by mentioning its errors to correct down, but if it has not many errors we will correct down it ourselves.

Step 3– before making any change we will notify you if you consent to those changes then only we will publish changed article.

Please note that after notifying you about your errors and after taking your consent if we correct errors of your article then you can not revoke consents for publishing your article at our website and you can not send it to anywhere for publishment.

Step 4– if your article publish at our website there will also be two more perks for you-
First– certificate of publication
Second- enrolment in tips program (to know about our tips program, click here)

The lawmatics also publishing experiences of law students about their admission, competitions, internships. For complete details click here

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  1. […] You have to write minimum 3 articles on legal topics during your internship program. You don’t need to worry about topics selections, format of articles, research, and plagiarism issues. Our editorial board will help you in every aspect of your article. If you have your topics we will also welcome that. The lawmatics also running free mentorship program for law students to help them in their legal writing, click here to get information on this programme. […]

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