Series- Indira Gandhi Murder Case

A Murder that frenzied the country

Smt. Indira Gandhi had her residence in New Delhi at No. 1, Safdarjung Road. Her office was at No. 1, Akbar Road which was a bungalow adjoining her residence. In fact, the two bungalows had been rolled into one by a campus with a cemented pathway about 8 ft. wide leading from the residence to the office and separated by a Sentry gate which has been referred to as the TMC Gate and a sentry booth nearby.

Fateful Day….

Smt. Indira Gandhi had gone on a tour to Orissa and returned to New Delhi on the night of 30th October, 1984. At about 9 A.M. On the fateful day i.e. 3Ist October, 1984 Smt. Gandhi left her residence and proceeded towards the office along the cemented path.

Beant Singh and Satwant Singh, who had prior knowledge that Smt. Indira Gandhi was scheduled to pass through the T.M.C. Gate on 31.10.1984 at about 9 A.M. for an interview with an Irish television team, manipulated their duties in such a manner that Beant Singh would be present at the T.M.C. Gate and Satwant Singh would be present at the T.M.C. Gate and Satwant Singh at the T.M.C. Sentry booth on 31.10.1984 between 7.00 and 10.00 A.M.

Beant Singh Managed to exchange his duty with SI Jai Narain and Satwant Singh arranged to get his duty with SI Jai Narain and Satwant Singh arranged to get his duty changed from Beat No.4 at PM’s house to T.M.C. Sentry Booth situated near the latrine by misrepresenting that he was suffering from dysentery.

Beant Singh was armed with a revolver which had 18 cartridges of 38 bore and Satwant Singh was armed with a SAF Carbine and 100 cartridges of 9 mm. Both having managed to station themselves together near the T.M.C. Gate on 31.10. 1984, at about 9.10 A.M., Beant Singh opened fire from his revolver and Satwant Singh from his carbine at Smt. Indira Gandhi as she was approaching the T.M.C. Gate.

Beant Singh fired five rounds and Satwant Singh 25 shots at her from their respective weapons. Smt. Indira Gandhi sustained injuries and fell down. She was immediately taken to the AllMS where she succumbed to her injuries the same day.

What he saw the blood of prime minister before his eyes…….

The deputy head constable, Narain Singh, who was on the duty of Mrs. Gandhi’ residence, was the main eye witness in Indira Gandhi’s Murder Case.

According to him at 8.45 A.M. he with an umbrella took up his position near the entry gate as he came to know that Smt. Gandhi had to go to No. 1, Akbar Road to meet certain foreign TV representatives and he was to go along with her holding an umbrella to protect her from the sun.

At 9.10. A.M. Smt. Gandhi came out of the house followed by Nathu Ram and her Private Secretary Shri R.K. Dhawan. There he moved over to the right side and held the umbrella. They approached the TMC Gate and when they were about 10 ft. therefrom he saw that the gate was open and he also saw Beant Singh on the left side and Satwant Singh on the right side. the former in a Safari Suit and the later in the uniform and with a Carbine stengun in his hands.

At that time Beant Singh took out his revolver from the right dub and fired at Smt. Gandhi and immediately thereafter Satwant Singh also started firing at her. Smt. Gandhi was hit by these bullets and injured. She fell down on the right side.

Seeing this he threw the umbrella on the left side, took cut his revolver and jumped on Beant Singh. As a result of which revolver fell from the hands. He saw Satwant Singh throwing his Carbine to the ground on his right side.

At that time Shri Bhatt, the personal guard of Smt. Gandhi and ITBP personnel arrived there and secured Satwant Singh. Some other persons also came and secured Beant Singh. The doctor himself came running by then. He, Bhatt, the doctor and Nathu Ram took her to the escort car which had arrived near and placed her in the rear seat.

By this time, Smt. Sonia Gandhi had also arrived and Smt. Gandhi was taken to AIIMS accompanied by Bhatt, Dhawan and Fotedar on the seat and the doctor and Sonia Gandhi on the back seat. He went to the Hospital in a staff car and was taken to AIIMS in another. There she was taken to the eighth floor and he was given the duty controlling the crowd.”

They did whatever they could to save the prime minister but no avail…

When she was removed to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (‘AllMS’ for short), Doctors tried but could not save the prime minister.

The cause of death was certified upon a post-mortem which took place on 31.10.1984, as haemorrhage and shock due to multiple fire arm bullet injuries which were sufficient to cause death in the ordinary course of nature.

When local police station received the news of Prime minister’s murder….

A wireless message about the occurrence was received at 9.23 A.M. by the Wireless Operator Head Constable Ram Kumar PW 38 at Tuglak Road Police Station having jurisdiction over the place of occurrence. The Duty Officer PW 1 deputed Sub Inspector’ Vir Singh PW 20 and Constable Mulak Raj to visit the spot at once. They were soon joined by the Station House Officer Inspector Baldev Singh Gill.

These persons roped off the area of occurrence to isolate it, placed it in charge of Constable and then proceeded to AllMS.

Who dared to kill the prime minister….

In the meanwhile, it was decided to entrust this investigation to Rajendra Prasad Kochhar then Inspector in the Homicide squad of the Crime Branch of Delhi Police. At about 10 or 10.15 A.M. R.P. Kochhar, reached at AIIMS and Ram Narain Singh gave a statement to Kochhar in the doctors’ room which was recorded by him and sent to Tuglak Road Police Station which is the FlR in this case.

However, as is only to be expected having regard to the circumstances, the Government soon decided to constitute a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to pursue the investigation.


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